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Curtin University
Compliance, Legislation and Policy

About our compliance framework

Curtin's Compliance Management System is based on the best practice model and procedures set out in International Standards ISO 19600:2014. The Compliance Policy and Compliance Procedures describe the elements of the legal compliance framework and outlines the responsibilities of various officers and committees in implementing this program. 

The compliance framework also provides information on the legislative context in which Curtin operates, and describes arrangements for monitoring and reporting on compliance and responding to alleged compliance breaches.

Curtin's commitment to compliance

Curtin is committed to being fully compliant with all relevant legislation, regulations, licences, and recognised industry and professional codes that govern its daily operations as a higher education provider and as a large-scale organisation. University policies and procedures help Curtin to achieve its compliance requirements while helping to align the University's practices with its strategic objectives.

Compliance is fundamental to the achievement of the University's strategic goals, to its financial stability and to its reputation as a world-class educational institution.  An effective compliance regime is a prerequisite for sound corporate governance and an essential element in Curtin's overall risk management framework. 

Staff obligations

All Curtin staff, students and associates have a responsibility to ensure that their activities on behalf of the University comply with applicable law and related University policies and procedures.

Managers have a duty to uphold and monitor compliance within their area of responsibility, and ensure that their staff receive adequate training and instruction to keep them up to date with relevant legislative requirements.

Useful tools to identify important legislative and policy requirements:

Compliance resources for staff