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Compliance, Legislation and Policy


As a Curtin employee, there is a range of information, including policies, procedures and legislation, designed to help you perform at your best. Understanding this information, and knowing who to contact if you need assistance, will help you embrace Curtin's five core values, in particular, integrity.

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The Integrity and Standards Unit's mission is to encourage and foster an environment within the University which is resistant to corruption, crime and misconduct by promoting, and demonstrating through its own actions, the highest standards of ethics, integrity and accountability.

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Naomi Yellowlees, Director, Integrity, Standards and Compliance Services

Curtin values and celebrates diversity, and aims to create an equitable, inclusive and welcoming environment where everyone feels they belong.

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These links will take you to the relevant webpages relating to diversity, inclusion and belonging.

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Senior Advisor, Equity and Inclusion

Curtin's Health, Safety and Emergency Management team works in collaboration with staff, students, contractors and visitors to provide services of the highest standard in line with legislative requirements to ensure a safe and healthy working environment for all.

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These links will take you to the relevant section of our Health, Safety and Emergency Management website.

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Contact Heath and Safety or ex 4900

Curtin's Staff Services/Human Resources department is the authority on employment conditions, recruitment, pay, professional development and other employment matters.

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The links below will take you to the relevant section of our HR website.

See the contact details for Human Resources

Risk & Assurance works with you by facilitating the risk process and enabling areas to manage issues that may get in the way of business objectives. As we work across all areas of Curtin, we can also share ideas/tools/opportunities from other stakeholders, and facilitate cross-organisational collaboration. We use the risk management information you share with us to influence positive change across Curtin, ensuring that timely decisions are made, issues are heard and acted upon, and where required, escalated.

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  • Strategic Risk Management
  • Operational Risk Management
  • Business Continuity Management
  • Audit & Assurance
  • Critical Incident Management
  • Insurance & Claims Management
  • Travel Risk Management

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Michelle Griffiths, Director, Risk & Assurance

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Philip Thomas, Director, Financial Operations & Strategic Procurement

Need advice on legislation?

If you need advice on specific legislation, refer to the list of acts that are relevant to Curtin staff and the staff member who can provide advice on it.

See the list of all Curtin compliance officers

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Contact Compliance Services

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Curtin's values

Curtin's values of integrity, respect, courage, excellence and impact are being embedded into all our policies and procedures.

The Living our Values website explains more.

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