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Information about the Register of Delegations, and information about proposals for new or amended delegations

About the Register of Delegations

The Register of Delegations is a collection of delegations from various sources such as the Curtin University Act 1966 (WA), resolutions of the Council of the University and delegations approved by the Vice-Chancellor. As the governing authority of the University, the Council is empowered to delegate its powers, authorities, duties and functions. The Register includes matters delegated by Council through a resolution of Council and matters delegated by the Vice-Chancellor.

Resources you may wish to consult:

Proposals for new or amended delegations

The process for proposing new or amended delegations is as follows:

  1. Fill out as much of the yellow-highlighted sections of the ‘Template - Proposal of new or amended delegations’ as possible.
  2. Liaise and seek the support of the Chief Legal Officer and the Chief Financial Officer, using the template proposal as the basis of discussion.
  3. Once the support of the above parties has been obtained, use the ‘Email Template: Request for new or amended delegations’ to submit the proposal to, attaching the template proposal and any other supporting information.
If you have any queries about this process or delegations in general, please contact